Hotel Sales Representation

Hotels and Homes is a leading sales and marketing representation company specializing in promoting hotels , resorts, apartments to the domestic and inbound business events, corporate and leisure market through sales, marketing and public relation activities. We actively work with those suppliers that we know will make difference to our properties. We follow strict business plans that are both service oriented and value added.

We cover following segments:

Business Market Segment :

a) Corporate companies directly
b) Travel Management Companies
c) Non –aligned corporate travel agencies
d) Professional Conference Organizers
e) The Conference meeting market
f) Attendance at key trade events. (Corporate Trade Fairs etc)

Leisure Market Segment:

a) Wholesale domestic programs
b) Wholesale Inbound Programs
c) Local travel agents
d) Attendance at key trade events. (TTF, ITM, IITM and GITB etc)

With the help all above marketing plans we are sure that -

“We will make your property stand out from the pack “

If you want us to represent your hotel (property) from Jaipur (Rajasthan)


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